10 Reasons why Mary Kay is my #sidehustle


I love a good side hustle! I have had a few over the years, and Mary Kay is BY FAR my favorite one. Honestly - my friends and family were SHOCKED when I signed up. First, bc I am anti-MLM.. (Find crow, insert in mouth.) Second, I’m not a super-fan of makeup. Sure, I’ve watched my fair share of youtube makeup tutorials, what woman hasn’t?!? But I was never incredibly serious about my skin. I just wanted to be zit free, wear sunscreen for protection, and look decent. Third, I am a practical, budget-conscience mama who doesn’t have time (or talent) to be a super salesy lady in a get-rich-quick scheme that probably only wastes my time and money anyway.

Well believe you me! When this little pink box labeled “Mary Kay” came into my life and I got hooked, my mouth fell so wide open you could have flown a plane in there. So be ready for some #realtalk cause I’m here to tell you why I use and choose to be a part of Mary Kay.

God First, Then Family, Then Career.”
— Mary Kay Ash

1 | Values

God first, Family second, Career third. This was one of the first things I was told about the company when I started having the tiniest thoughts about maybe, MAYBE, signing up to be a consultant. I love that the mission of Mary Kay is clear and unapologetic. I could never and will never work for anyone that asks me to put work above my family. I heard this phrase from my consultant, her director, on countless calls and printed information…and this mission is prevalent among its members. I have never been made to feel like I’m not working hard or legitimate in the company for putting the needs of my family first - even if it conflicts with a #sidehustle event.

2 | Hours

I’m so blessed to be a SAHM and any side hustle I choose needs to be flexible! And it’s a HUGE bonus if I can do it in my mom-iform (aka stretch pants and yesterdays tshirt) or better yet - while my babies are asleep… in fact my twins are napping AS. I. TYPE. THIS. (Angels singing!) A traditional job - even part-time - would require finding daycare for my kids on work days and (in a few years) school breaks, and I want to stay home with my kids if at all possible.

3 | Women Empowerment

Mary Kay founded her company with the specific intention of creating job opportunities for women. She was overlooked for a promotion at her job bc she was a woman and she basically thought “if I can’t get ahead in a man’s world, I’ll build my own.” And she did! I enjoy being a part of her women-empowering legacy

4 | Being a Role Model

I am a mama to 2 daughters. I don’t just want to teach them, I want to show them. I want to know I am a complex, smart, down-to-earth mama with many different passions, interests, capabilities, and strengths. Having my own business makes me feel like I am giving them a better idea of who I am as a woman and the amazing ways women can move forward in their personal journey.

5 | Social Responsibility

Talk about a heavy hitter in this area. Mary Kay was passionate about giving to women in need, and her company still makes that a priority. The Mary Kay foundation provides funding for cancer research, and the Don’t Look Away program helps women and children who are the victims of domestic violence. I love knowing part of my hard work serves a women or child in need. (insert: all the feels)

6 | First, I was a happy customer

I love this stuff! I fell in love with how my skin looked and felt after my facial, and I knew needed these wonderful pink goops in my life before I signed up as a Consultant… so just so you know - I practice what I preach!

7 | Freedom

They don’t call me an Independent Beauty Consultant for nothin. I am free to do as I please to run my business. Yes, there are rules we all have to follow to respect privacy and copyright law… but I am the one who decides when I sell, where, to whom, and what awesome specials I run for my clients! Having the power to grow at my own pace is invaluable to me… especially because I have to keep 2 precious people alive while I’m placing and delivering orders.

8 | It’s Something (fun!) just for me

I share everything!!! My body, time, meals, privacy, basically every second of everyday and I wouldn’t trade it! But… I get lost in ALL THINGS MAMA. I wanted something for myself that I could do BY MYSELF. (And eating all the oreos in my room alone was not a long term solution.) It needed to be interesting and challenging, a creative outlet where I could turn off my mom brain and turn on my “I’m an adult and still have my own interests and abilities” brain. I love talking about being a momboss and how skincare changed my life. And boy am I having fun. :)

9 | Connection

Y’all. I live in the country, so I’m isolated geographically. The nearest grocery store is a 30 minute drive one-way just to get into the parking lot. And then I became a mama, and I discovered there is a whole new level of isolation wrapped up in motherhood - Especially for us SAHM’s. Connection to other women that are in a similar stage of life is CRUCIAL for my sanity, and my life has markedly improved since I increased my social interactions with my Mary Kay friends.

10 | Seeing Change

When I saw change in my own skin, I got SO EXCITED. I am at the age that things are starting to fall apart, lol. My 35+ post baby face & body is not nearly as fresh and unblemished as my 20’s body… can I get an Amen mamas?!? There is nothing wrong with getting older, in fact - my smile lines are VERY well earned and I wouldn’t change them one bit! But I do want to be more proactive by taking better care of myself and my body - and helping other mamas see a change in their skin and life is

I love being a Mary Kay Consultant. It has added SO MUCH to my life and I’m having so much fun.

I’m curious… are you an Independent Beauty Consultant? I’d love to hear your experience too!