How to know which MLM is right for you... (and which ones to avoid)

So you’ve decided to join an MLM.

For some of you, this is a HUGE leap. I know it was for me. Whatever your motivation for joining, make sure you know what you’re getting into. MLM’s have a reputation for being money losers, time wasters, and friendship ruin-ers. And sadly, for many people they are.

Make sure you choose the right one!


1 | How will the time commitment affect my family?

As the name of my blog suggests, my family comes first.

One of the main reasons I joined an MLM (read my story here) was to get my #girlboss on at home. Talk to someone you trust (who is already involved) to tell you the truth and ask them their daily/weekly/monthly time commitments.

2 | Do I enjoy the people?

Social interaction is a major part of an MLM. You’ll be surrounded with new people… usually a team member or 2, then comes Directors, Territory Managers, Vice Presidents…etc. Whatever the title, they are PEOPLE, and you will have to engage with them if you want to continue with your business.


Most MLM’s and new businesses require some kind of investment to begin - Make sure you have the correct answer before you sign up. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP. Ask about what happens to your investment if you decide to back out (including what happens to any inventory you might have purchased) and fees you paid for websites or access to company information that may be non-refundable. Nothing is worse than getting excited about a new endeavor, life happens, and you have to re-think your plan with no exit strategy.

4 | What are the core values of the company?

This is probably the most important thing you can find out. The motto of the company and it’s highest members set the tone for the whole business.

For example: If you decide to join an MLM focusing on baked goods, and their motto is “baking is our top priority" ask yourself… Do I agree with that? Yes, you might get some incredible tasting cookies, but if you get pressured and admonished to stop going to your daughters ballet class instead of staying home to make that new recipe your unit is trying out tonight, RUN.

On the other hand, if you agree with the companies core values, GREAT! You will be surrounded by like minded individuals that are working towards the same goal.

5 | Do you support corporate giving?

MLM’s are large companies and large companies make lots of money. Is your MLM giving globally? Nationally? Politically? Socially? Find out and be a part of what your company is trying to achieve.

6 | Do you know what you’re REALLY selling?

So let’s say you sign up thinking you’re going to be promoting a fabulous product that has changed your life. But, shortly after you start - you’re automatically encouraged to start recruiting people to start selling, too.

I can’t stand these kinds of businesses.

I have been approached by MANY fitness minded MLMer’s on instagram and they try to befriend me with false kindness and “free” groups to encourage fitness. In reality, they are only interested in building a team bc the more people they have on their team, the more money they make. The focus of “free” coaching and a healthier lifestyle is quickly replaced with “you are required to buy this and that in order to be coached, and you know, you really should be a coach and make lots of money and join my team!”. I do not agree with this at all. It seems like bait & switch and it’s, at the very least, misleading.

BUUUUUUT - All MLM’s are NOT created equally. Research. Find the answers to what EXACTLY you are selling and if you are interested in associating your name with what’s being offered AND how it’s being sold.

I hope these questions have opened your mind a bit to thinking about an MLM opportunity more fully! I wish you the best of success in whatever you choose.

Are you in an MLM? Let me know in the comments if you have any other tips. And just a final note: There are kind and decent people in every MLM, so keep an open mind. :)