3 things I'd pay full price for (they're that good) | Confessions of a Mary Kay IBC

One of the huge perks of being a Mary Kay consultant is I basically have a fully stocked makeup counter down the hall from my bedroom. If I need something, I just go get it! Booyah! I still have to pay for them, of course, but they are deeply discounted.


Someone asked me recently, “if you weren’t selling Mary Kay, would you still buy it?”

The honest answer is YES! I started out as a customer with a skincare set. Now, I have tried enough extras to have a few front runners on my list of skin-loving fav’s I just can’t live without.

1 | Skinvigorate Cleansing Brush


I would NEVER have purchased this brush if I hadn’t tried it first. I have been a huge lover of all things exfoliating for years… I tried the make-it-from-pinterest sugar/oil shower scrub, the all-silicone facial massager, the creams with the little stones in them that polish and smooth the skin… you get the picture. Well I don’t know what it is about this little gem but it exfoliates + cleans my skin better than all of those other things I tried before. I love that I can deep clean the brush heads (sanitize mode in the dishwasher), and I can use it in the shower. And the thing that makes me giddy is the picture on the box: It shows an image of a woman’s forehead that was cleaned with her hands, and another that was cleaned with this brush. HOLY COW the brush cleans significantly better!!! I love love love this brush.

Purchase > Skinvigorate Cleansing Brush

2 | TimeWise Replenishing Serum+C:

I actually started using this little tube of magic after a customer ordered it and RAVED about it. I always knew it was a big hitter in the MK world (I would often ask “what’s your fav product?” to other consultants and so. many. of them said Serum C! Serum C! should’ve been my first clue, lol) I’m not going to go into the chemical reasons why it works, I’m just going to tell you - as a user it’s probably my favorite product. My skin is brighter, and somehow plumper? Plump still might not be the right word…i it’s hard to explain. Not fuller, just taught - but not dry and tight, moisturized and even. I really love it and hope they keep making it forever.

Purchase > Serum C+


3 | TimeWise® Luminous-Wear® Liquid Foundation

Drug Store foundation Left // Luminous foundation Right

Drug Store foundation Left // Luminous foundation Right


Let’s file this one under “my friend asked me to try it and I said OK but what I really thought was ‘this is going to make me look so oily and gross’ “ and it turns out she was right and I was wrong and now it’s my favorite foundation. I just need to say one word. GLOW.

ok 2 words. GLOW + SPF.

Alright. now I’m on a roll. 3…I just can’t help myself. GLOW + SPF + Anti-aging.

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So, do you use any of these products? Tell me your favs! Be sure and tag me on insta if you post a pic of yourself with any of these favorites!