How my face changed after 2 months of Mary Kay Skincare (before and after!)


When I started using Mary Kay skincare, to say I was skeptical is an understatement. I knew my skin felt different FOR SURE. It was smoother, definitely more nourished, and firmer somehow. Not tight, just not as saggy. When I read about all the benefits and clinical studies that backed up the claims my beauty consultant was making about Timewise Miracle 3D, I thought “there’s no way that’s true. Nice try”.

Here’s a popular ad on the results of this set. This woman definitely has a reduction of fine lines, and this is VERY appealing to me because being over 35, I am starting to see more and more signs of aging.


It’s a subtle change, but a change!

Anyway, I decided to take a before + after photo of myself and see if the skincare REALLY delivered. Here’s what happened after 60 days of using Mary Kay Skincare.

60 days of MK Before + After

Day 1 - Day 60 using Mary Kay Timewise Miracle 3D Skincare Morning + Night. This photo is unfiltered and taken in natural light.

Day 1 - Day 60 using Mary Kay Timewise Miracle 3D Skincare Morning + Night. This photo is unfiltered and taken in natural light.


I wanted to see change in 3 areas of concern for me: Sun Spots, Redness, and Fine Lines. I know, I know… a tall order. But I wanted to identify specific areas that needed improvement so I’d be on the look out for change. So let’s take a look at each category and see if and how they are different.

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** Before I go any further, I want to say this: these photos are unedited, taken in front of the same window in my home, with my phone, and it’s my bare, natural skin. No makeup or moisturizer was added to my skin. **

1 | Sunspots


I definitely see a difference in the sun spots on my upper cheek. They are still there, but they are getting lighter! The time I notice this the most is when I wear makeup. They have lightened so much that a light layer of foundation makes them disappear almost entirely. I love a flawless, natural look and wearing less makeup helps me achieve that.

2 | Redness


I have always had a red face. It’s my undertone. So, when I saw these spots around my nose had faded I was ASTONISHED! I didn’t even realize they were less red until I saw this picture. I knew my skin tone was looking more even, and I know now that is due to the reduction in redness. So I’d say the redness reduction is on point.

3 | Fine Lines + Wrinkles


This category is HUGE for me. If I’m going to invest in my skin and the skincare I bought is advertising to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, you better believe I NEEDED to see this happening.

I showed this photo to a friend and she immediately noticed the reduction in the appearance of fine lines around my face. It might be a small improvement - but I CAN SEE THE DIFFERENCE! Boy it feels great to make a positive change! I couldn’t be more thrilled to see these lines fading, and I know it will only continue to improve the longer I use it.

The take-away

Overall, I am extremely pleased with the improvement I have seen in my skin these first two months using Mary Kay.

  • I LOVE how nourished my skin feels and looks.

  • I’m wearing less foundation! Turns out healthy skin is essential to looking flawless, who knew! lol

  • How FAST it’s working! Most of the clinical studies on this set are evaluated at the 12 week mark. Noticeable change in 60 days is incredible.

—> Y’all, I’m HOOKED!

If 60 days looks younger and better, what will 6 months look like?? I can’t wait to find out. If you’re ready to change your skin with this perfect-for-mamas skincare, click here to take the skincare quiz and get glowing.

xo, lindsay

Ps. If you’d like to give Mary Kay Skincare a try, please please contact me! I love giving women the same opportunity I had to see change. You can learn more about Mary Kay Skincare here on my site.

If you already know the Timewise Miracle 3D Set is for you, buy it here: Set for Combination/Oily or the Set for Normal/Dry.