4 months of Mary Kay Skincare (before and after!)


I started paying attention to my skin health in a big way about 4 months ago and y’all, it has been AMAZING!! I am beyond thrilled with the results I’m seeing and feeling using Mary Kay Skincare. So let’s check in on my progress at the 4 month mark!

4 Months of Mary Kay Skincare

Mary Kay Timewise 3D Skincare Set   used daily for 4 months.

Mary Kay Timewise 3D Skincare Set used daily for 4 months.



In my first post, I looked at 3 areas: Sun Spots, Redness, and Fine Lines.

** Before I go any further, I want to say this: these photos are unedited, taken in front of the same window in my home, with my phone, and it’s my bare, natural skin. No makeup or moisturizer was added to my skin. **


1 | Sun Spots

Sunspots are DEFINITELY lightening! I can honestly say, with a light layer of foundation, they disappear completely. This is incredible to me because I have been wearing sunscreen religiously since I was in my early 20’s, so that aspect of my skincare has not changed. I am still wearing it every day (it’s in my timewise set and makeup) so I know the spf AND brightening elements of the Mary Kay products are working. Booyah!

2 | Fine Lines + Wrinkles

I’m using the same photo (above) because you can plainly see the reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes. These wrinkles specifically are the ones that started to appear after I turned 36, and wanted to STOP THEM from getting worse. I’m so thrilled with these results!


3 | Redness

To be honest, the reduction in redness is about the same as it was in the 4 week mark, and that’s perfectly fine with me! I have noticed much less redness consistently, which means continued use is still keeping it at bay. Hooray!

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The take-away

Overall, I am EXTREMELY pleased with the improvement I have seen in my skin these 4 months using my Mary Kay.

I LOVE how bright and renewed my skin looks and feels.

I’m wearing less foundation than I ever have before. As the saying goes..

“If your skincare is a 2, your makeup will never be a 10.”

and it’s true! My makeup has been been looking more and more flawless the healthier my skin becomes.

So this is 4 months in… what about 6 months?? A YEAR?!? I can’t wait to find out.

xo, lindsay

Ps. If you’re seeing this pics and are asking yourself if it will work for you, please please contact me! I love giving women an opportunity to see if this skincare regimen is the right fit for you. And all MK products come with a 100% Money-back Satisfaction Guarantee so it’s literally no risk. I just love that because you shouldn’t have to pay for something that doesn’t work for you, and Mary Kay gets that! ;)