9 Reasons to join Mary Kay Direct Sales Company


I have had a lot of interest from others about my new journey with Mary Kay Skincare & Cosmetics.  Texts, Voicemails, and quite a few “you joined WHAT?!?!” conversations. To be honest, my friends and family were SHOCKED when I signed up.

As a direct sales & beauty blogger, I have the unique position to share my thoughts and ideas to lots of different people in different places - so I’ve come up with 9 reasons why you should join Mary Kay. If you need more information or have specific questions? Message me so we can chat!


1 | Quality Products

Each year, Mary Kay conducts more than a half-million tests and spends millions of dollars on research to ensure that every Mary Kay product meets the highest standards of safety, quality and performance. The company obsesses over innovating products that deliver the results you and your clients deserve. From the latest ingredients, innovative formulas, and the unwavering commitment to quality and safety, you can be proud of the products you are using and selling.

To date - Mary Kay has NEVER had a product claim against them (in 55 years), and they have an extensive list of awards and honors from Good Housekeeping, Redbook, Allure, InStyle, Southern Living and O, The Oprah Magazine.

2 | Discount for products you love

As an active Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, you receive a personal discount of 50% off of any Skincare or Makeup Products sold by Mary Kay. The initial opportunity of joining Mary Kay purely for the consultant discount was a BIG plus to me.

3 | Monthly Income

It is possible to earn an income with Mary Kay, like any other direct sales company.

You receive 50% of any product sold from your personal Mary Kay Website or from your inventory. There are no variations of the commission structure. It is a flat 50% on all products, all of the time.

4 | Become A Leader

Another way to boost your monthly income from Mary Kay is to add teammates. You will earn additional commission from the company depending on the amount of people you are mentoring.

There are different tiers of leadership in the Mary Kay business and you have the opportunity to earn a small percentage off of each tier of consultants who choose you as their sponsor. Mary Kay has a wide variety of leaders that choose to mentor the consultants in their group differently. The good news is - they are all over the country and you do not have to live in the same city or state as your team!

5 | Who’s the Boss? You!

Like most direct sales companies, you can work your business your way. Don’t like the idea of selling in person or with parties? That’s okay! Mary Kay can be sold online! You have the opportunity to have your own Mary Kay Website (it’s about $30 per year) that features your photo and personal information.

Do you want to sell on Instagram and dominate the online beauty and skincare world? Go for it!

There are many ways to succeed in the Mary Kay direct sales business. Personally, I am focusing on building my customer base through skincare classes, my work as a makeup artist, my blog, Instagram, and Pinterest platform. I’m excited to grow my Mary Kay Business, and I’m excited for the future of more income.

6 | Friends

Another one of the reasons why I jumped into Mary Kay was because, Y’all. I live in the country, so I’m isolated geographically. The nearest grocery store is a 30 minute drive one-way just to get into the parking lot. And then I became a mama, and I discovered there is a whole new level of isolation wrapped up in motherhood - Especially for us SAHM’s.

Connection to other women that are in a similar stage of life is CRUCIAL for my sanity, and my life has markedly improved since I increased my social interactions with friends I’ve made being a Mary Kay Independent consultant.

The Mary Kay community is filled with helpful and supportive consultants who are always interested in helping one another out. And I love being surrounded by women who live the Mary Kay motto:

God first, then family, then career.

7 | Learn

When you join Mary Kay, you won’t be left in your boat alone with no paddle. Training is provided, consultants help other consultants, and you will learn how to best to grow your own Mary Kay direct sales business.

They have Online learning opportunities too! Every consultant in Mary Kay can study to become an Advanced Color Consultant, an Advanced Skincare Consultant, or both - which is called an Advanced Product Consultant. (This is what I am!) Mary Kay provides all the learning curriculum to educate you on products and how to succeed.

8 | Values

God first, Family second, Career third.

This was one of the first things I was told about the company when I started having the tiniest thoughts about maybe, MAYBE, signing up to be a consultant. I love that the mission of Mary Kay direct sales is clear and unapologetic.

I could never and will never work for any company that asks me to put work above my family. I heard the “God first” phrase from my consultant (before I was a consultant myself), her director, on countless calls and printed information… and this mission is prevalent among its members.

I have never been made to feel like I’m not working hard or legitimate in the company for putting the needs of my family first - even if it conflicts with an Official Mary Kay direct sales event.

9 | Flexibility

Like any direct sales company, you can choose how much time you want to put into your Mary Kay business.

I’m so blessed to be a SAHM I need to be flexible! It’s a HUGE bonus if I can work in my mom-iform (aka stretch pants and yesterdays tshirt) or better yet - while my babies are asleep… in fact my twins are napping AS. I. TYPE. THIS. (Angels singing!) A traditional job (even part-time) would require finding daycare for my kids on work days and (in a few years) school breaks, and I want to stay home with my kids if at all possible.

My Mary Kay website is always there for my customers to access. The Mary Kay Consultant website is always available for me to use, and the latest company news and updates are a click away. No matter what time you have to devote to your business, the Mary Kay team is there to assist and help you along the way.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! I love my Mary Kay #sidehustle and I’m so glad I made the leap into becoming a consultant.

Until Next time friends!

xo, Lindsay

ps. I don’t add just anyone to my team. If you are really loving what you’re reading on this post - we might be a good match to work together! CLICK HERE to learn more & enter to win a swag bag of products while you’re there.