Qualities to look for in a Direct Sales Mentor


Are you thinking about becoming the newest member of a Direct Sales team? Congratulations!

Direct Sales is a great fit for many people (including me!) and choosing the right team to be on can make or break your experience.

The internet is FULL of horror stories from former direct sales members, and many of them talk about their mentors. I can ASSURE you, there are still wonderful mentors out there in Direct Sales companies!

I’ll show you how to find one.


When you’re ready to commit to a Direct Sales team, take the time to get to know your Mentor. Just because she’s a good friend of the friend that recruited you doesn’t mean you will fit into the plan for her business. Remember - she will directly benefit from your success and the success of your potential teammates. Does she use the social media platforms you use? Does she train the people under her to help you with your business? Does she delegate tasks? How often does she communicate with you? And how? Does she help you to develop your own unique business plan or does she encourage you to follow the path she took? Does she share your faith? Your family values?

I could go on and on about how a mentor can affect your direct sales business - but someone already said it better than I ever could! This blog post written by Brenda Ster sums up the differences between mentors like this:

Your mentor:

  • Will introduce you to the business.

  • Will earn commission on your personal sales volume, and your future downline team’s sales volume.

A good mentor…

  • Will train and coach you during the startup of your business, including coaching on the ordering and payment process, and the company’s processes, policies, and procedures.

  • Understands the direct sales lineage, and will help you understand the downline reasons for joining the team.

  • Will encourage your participation in corporate training events and webinars.

  • Will be available to you and answer your questions when they come up.

A great mentor…

  • Understands not only your company, but also understands the direct sales business model and various marketing strategies for maximizing customers contacts and lead generation, within the policies established by your direct sales company.

  • Will help you understand and source events and fundraisers, and coach you on these lucrative potential sales channels.

  • Fosters an environment of teamwork and collaboration with her other team members.

  • Coaches you on how to leverages the power of technology and social media and networking, to maximize your business potential.

  • Actively and proactively communicates with and motivates her team.

  • Helps her front-line (those she personally sponsored) train their downlines.

  • Balances her own business, with the needs of her team.

If you’ve already signed up and you discover your mentor might not have been your first pick, don’t worry! There are a few things you can do to improve your relationship. Check out this post for some ideas.

I wish you the best of luck in your Direct Sales business! If you think you are a good fit for direct sales but you haven’t quite found the right fit, check this out to see if what I do would work for you.

xo, lindsay