How To: Set up your MARY KAY Wish List (w/ pictures!)

Setting up your Wish List on is such an easy way to let your friends and family know what you are wishing for! Perfect for your bridal shower, wedding, birthday, anniversary, valentines day, or a tuesday!! Lol

Here’s your step-by-step guide to setting us a Mary Kay Wish List and sending it to whoever you want!


Let’s dive right in!

1 | Go to and set up your account. Click on “My MK”.


2 | Click “Register now”.


3 | Depending on if you’ve been to before, you might get this screen. Click “Register now”.


4 | Fill out the form and choose your email preferences. Click “Register”.


5 | To continue to the Wish List, click “close this window”. (Don’t worry - you can go back to your profile later!)


6 | Click “Find products to add to your Wish List”.


7 | This page explains how you add products to your Wish List. Go up to the search box and type in the what you’re looking for.


8 | A drop-down menu will populate with products that match your search word. Click on the product you are searching for! I’m searching for Live Fearlessly Eau De Parfum.


9 | In the Quantity box of the item, you’ll see a pink heart next to a pink link. Click “Save to Wish List”.


10 | If that’s all you want to add to the list for now, click “View Wishlist”.


11 | You can now send your List by email or post it on Facebook!


Here’s what the FB post looks like:


And here’s the email:

Here’s the form you fill out.

Here’s the form you fill out.

Here’s the email the recipient will receive!

Here’s the email the recipient will receive!


That’s it!

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