2 spaces in 1 Room: Workspace REVEAL


Y’all - we did it! This is probably the biggest weekend DIY we have ever attempted, and I am beyond thrilled with how it turned out!

If you remember (check out part 1 here), this space has to serve 2 purposes… a playroom for my twins (I’ll show you that side of the room in another post… cause we all know I shoved a bunch of toys out of camera range just to take a few ‘after’ photos lol ) and a workspace for me.

Here’s the space before:


We had already began a HEMNES Built-in DIY on the back wall with the 2 large pieces in the middle, and 2 bookshelves on the outside of those. I liked the idea of creating some interest by playing with the height on the outside spaces, so we went back to ikea and bought 2 more HEMNES series cabinets. It JUST so happens it fit perfectly into the remaining space. phew!

You’ll see the 2 outside cabinets are BLACK. Yes, they were sold out of white, so painting them following this amazeballs tutorial from pinterest made the black work! (Ps. who knew primer is the KEY to successfully painting ikea furniture?!?))

As you’ll recall from the first post, I was trying to achieve a Neutral office space with pops of color with accent pieces and artwork.

Rug from  RugsUSA  /.  Ikea Desk  / Office Chair from Home Goods / Desk Lamp from Walmart / DIY Builtins  Ikea Hemnes Series  / Painting by me

Rug from RugsUSA /. Ikea Desk / Office Chair from Home Goods / Desk Lamp from Walmart / DIY Builtins Ikea Hemnes Series / Painting by me


I feel so incredibly blessed to have a space that’s just for me. The challenge in our home has always been storage, and it’s sooooo nice to have a permanent place for everything from my art + crafts doo-dads to my inventory for the #sidehustle I love so much.

We were inspired by MANY pinterest Ikea Cabinet Built-in hacks, and our version is special because it’s not all the same height. We have another big, dark all wood, all the same height, built-in in our living room, and I’m really thrilled this white version looks a bit different.


Ikea HEMNES series cabinets are the pieces we chose. They make quick and relatively easy DIY built-ins! It’s 6 separate pieces smooshed together to create one cohesive piece. They are screwed to the wall and each other, the seams are caulked and painted, and each piece was squared and leveled. Eventually we’d like to add crown molding to the top and bottom (to cover up the feet on the cabinets) but since our budget for the project was spent, we decided to invoke our favorite phrase… “this is enough.” :)

My favorite part about these cabinets is how much stuff it covers up! there was z e r o storage in this room, and I want to say thank you cabinet doors for doing such a great job of covering up all my “special treasures” a.k.a. stuff I didn’t want to throw out, lol.

Sign: Purchased at Hobby Lobby several years ago.

See that fancy, trendy grid panel on the wall? It’s cattle fencing, y’all. We pulled that sucker out of our back pasture, sprayed it gold, and I’m IN LOVE. Sometimes the things you improvise and create to fill a design need (because you’re done buying things) turn out to be the most unique and special parts of a space.


Thanks for taking this tour with me!

If you want to know my favorite design tip, it’s this:

Do what YOU love. Surround yourself with items that make you feel happy, loved, and thankful. You don’t have to spend a lot, and you don’t have to try and re-create the perfect copy of your pinspiration. You are unique, and you are enough.

Looking forward to next time, friends!

xo, lindsay